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WWE uses unprotected chair shot to the head to promote its Network

Just yesterday, WWE released the following video to its YouTube channel. It's an advertisement for the WWE Network during its free preview week, part of a big push to get fans to sign up for a service that has badly under-performed during its first five months of availability.

It's a slick video designed to showcase the past, present, and future of WWE, something you can come along on the ride for by plopping down $10 a month. You too can be running wild.

Of particular interest, however, is what occurs at the 0:17 mark of the video. That's Mick Foley handcuffed with his arms behind his back taking an unprotected chair shot to the head from The Rock at the Royal Rumble event back in 1999, an event you can watch on the Network.

It's of interest because WWE has banned chair shots to the head, protected or otherwise, and has steadfastly refused to glorify past transgressions in videos like this for a number of years. The issue of concussions in sports, and sports entertainment, is a serious one that WWE has, rightfully, taken seriously.

I should say I'm not outraged here. In fact, I see very little issue with WWE promoting its product, and part of the product during that time, a time fans can relive on the Network if they so choose, was The Rock bashing Mick Foley in the head an uncomfortable number of times with a chair. I would still recommend the Network to anyone.

The issue is how they're choosing to promote it here. It looks bad that now that the Network isn't performing as well as the company needs it to they released a video promoting an unprotected chair shot to the head in the hopes that it will help drive new subscribers.

It's a clear conflict of interest.

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