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Somehow, Adam Rose is not the heel in this match with Titus O'Neil (Video)

Let's watch this very short match between Adam Rose and Titus O'Neil from this week's episode of Superstars on the WWE Network and after witnessing what occurs during the match, you tell me who you think the heel was.

It's definitely Rose, right?

He starts by shoving his blow pop in O'Neil's face, something Titus clearly doesn't want. So he smacks it out of Adam's hand only for Rose to reset, grab another blow pop from inside his pants, and this time actually shove it in O'Neil's mouth while laughing and smiling about it.

And he's the good guy?

Then he jumps up in O'Neil's arms and again puts his blow pop on Titus' lips.

Again, that's the babyface?

To cap it off, Rose takes advantage of positioning not long after and rubs his ass in O'Neil's groin, a clearly unwanted advance.

By the time Titus hits the backbreaker, it seems clear we should be cheering for him. After all, he's the victim here, right?

WWE obviously doesn't believe so, and it would seem the only explanation for it is, well, O'Neil is a heel right now, so it's okay. He became that by turning on his teammate, Darren Young, and he's done nothing to improve his image, so the status quo remains. Therefore, Rose, who has been presented as a good guy despite all readily available evidence to the contrary, must be the good guy because he's against the heel. And all of his antics must be okay because they are being carried out on a bad guy, who must deserve it because he's the bad guy.

But isn't that a ridiculous way to justify having Rose act the way he does in this match and ask the fans to cheer him for it?

The better idea would be to make Rose the heel because there is no setting in which it's acceptable to rub your ass in someone's crotch when they don't want you to, even if the guy it's happening to is a dick because he beat up his old teammate after they lost too many matches. Ditto on the whole shoving a blow pop in someone's mouth thing.

That way when he does all that and gets his ass kicked for it to a raucous ovation from the crowd, it's righteous.

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