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WWE reportedly looking for Sting stunt doubles; could hint at WWE 2K15 involvement

According to, WWE is looking for a body double for Sting for an upcoming production that sounds, well, elaborate.

A snip:

The breakdown included a listing for a Sting body double, age 38-50, who is, "6'2, 250lb of pure muscle. Prefer a guy with wrestling experience, very fit. HEAVILY muscular. Slightly longer dark hair. Will have a full face of make up on. paying a higher rate as we need a GREAT double for this."

That comes from casting agencies seeking qualified actors. They're also looking for an Orchestra that would be decked out like Sting, so this is, as mentioned, apparently a big deal.

Insider reports the production is for an upcoming video game, which may or may not hint at heavy involvement in the WWE 2K15 release scheduled for Oct. 28. It's been rumored Sting would be a playable character, possibly made available for in pre-orders, but this news points to the strong possibility that he'll be the face of the game.

Or at least something like Brock Lesnar a few years ago.

This doesn't mean Sting has signed with WWE as an active member of its roster, however, and, indeed, the latest word on that is that he was offered a simple Legend's contract. As we saw with Ultimate Warrior this past year, the video game can be a gateway to a working relationship with the company.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The Wrestling Observer is reporting this is not a WWE project but through a company that works with WWE. That doesn't say much, really. They're also reporting Sting has NOT signed yet and there are currently no plans for him to make any appearances on Raw anytime soon.

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