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Can't wait to see Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns kick Seth Rollins' butt?

Thanks to the magical combination of house shows and cell phone video - you don't have to. See the brief footage for some catharsis, and read how an early iteration of the new Evolution vs. The Shield was booked this weekend.

Last Monday night on RawSeth Rollins' betrayed his brothers in The Shield, shocking Dean Ambrose, destroying  Roman Reigns' ability to trust and causing millions of fans to freak out.

If WWE does this according to pro wrestling 101, we won't see Ambrose and Reigns get their ultimate revenge on a man whose new nickname seems to be "that bastard" for months - and you'll almost certainly need a subscription to WWE Network in order to see it.  Sure, we'll probably get some physical interaction on television soon (perhaps even tonight), but for many, soon can't get here fast enough.

But thanks to the magic of 21st century technology, you can experience a little bit of catharsis early.  Saturday night at a WWE Live event (aka house show) in Las Cruces, NM, Rollins & Randy Orton faced off against the remaining two Hounds of Justice in the main event of the show at the Pan American Center.

WWE's newest heel entered with his partner to Evolution's theme, still wearing the same black tactical gear as his opponents.  The good guys won via disqualification after The Viper attacked them with a steel chair, but Dean & Roman got their hands on the weapon and cleaned house to send the fans home happy.

Footage of the babyfaces brief taste of revenge was captured by Jessaniel Rosario and posted to Instagram:

I don't know about you all, but that felt good.

House shows are often an enviroment will WWE will try out new things and allow wrestlers to feel out how they want to present angles and work matches.  Is there anything to be made from this breif encounter?

Probably not, but I could listen to that chair shot for hours.

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