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Brie Bella removed from WWE roster

It's been a week now since Brie Bella quit WWE in storyline at the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) on June 1, 2014, in Chicago, Illinois, allowing her husband, Daniel Bryan, to keep the WWE world heavyweight championship in the process.

Read more on that big angle here.

On that very same night, the E! channel was broadcasting her wedding to Bryan on the season two finale of Total Divas. On that show, a mix of angles, reality, and made-for-TV storylines, she's been talking more and more about settling down and having children. In fairness, she's mentioned as much in shoot interviews as well.

But what's story and what's reality here?

At today, a photo gallery was posted as a "farewell to Brie". There's been no indication this storyline is a play on reality and this is simply her exit strategy, especially considering how hard WWE is playing it up.

Here she is in the WWE Alumni section (it should be noted that section also features Batista and Brad Maddox, though not CM Punk):


For his part, Bryan is struggling to recover from his neck surgery and he may end up stripped of the title anyway.

And while it's entirely possible it never ends up happening, it would be a real shame if WWE didn't cash in on the Brie vs. Stephanie McMahon match they've so clearly been building towards.

Stay tuned.

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