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WWE offers financial planning, college assistance to former employees

Talent Relations sent a letter to all former contracted workers this week offering an array of services. It's the right thing to do, and a good PR move.

According to Mike Johnson at, WWE this week sent a letter to former talent with information about a program designed to assist with their financial and professional futures.

The letter was sent from Talent Relations, a department under Paul "Triple H" Levesque's umbrella of responsibility as Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative.  It describes a new program whereby anyone ever under contract to WWE can participate in financial planning and debt management services with a firm specializing in those offerings at no cost to the former employee.

A college scholarship of $5,000 per semester is also being offered; interested and eligible parties will need to provide proof of enrollment by pre-set deadlines in order to receive the scholarship monies.

This is a nice benefit, and the right thing to do for former contractual employees.

It's also a smart public relations move by WWE.  They are offering some services that a union would undoubtedly advocate for if one existed, and thereby adding another reason why their employees need not organize the next time that issue is raised.

They're also taking steps to reduce the number of former pro wrestlers who end up penniless or homeless, and contribute to public perception that pro wrestling is an industry that chews up and spits out its workers.  Much like their substance abuse programs, there's nothing wrong with protecting the company from future questions or litigation, when it's also a legitimate attempt to assist people with problems they're facing.

Kudos to WWE for extending the offer, and here's hoping all the former talent who could use the help take them up on it.

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