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Is WWE confirming SummerSlam main event spoiler?

Yesterday, Geno brought you the scoop that Amazon had leaked a SummerSlam 2014 image that not only revealed the long-rumored half of the August show's main event, but quite possibly the winner of this upcoming Sunday's pay-per-view (PPV), Money in the Bank.

In an email sent out to their listserv, WWE News Slam, the lead item is a sneak peak at the very SummerSlam poster that they were reportedly unhappy with Amazon for publishing.  And it doesn't look like they're that interested in covering it up or keeping it a secret.

Have a look...


Seems a little weird that the notoriously spoiler adverse company would just go ahead and give this away.  It would also be a pretty bonehead move to send this out the day after the Amazon slip.

But maybe this was already in the queue before that?

Or maybe WWE is playing a long con and predisposing fans to be excited or disappointed for John Cena title reign number 13 before shocking us with Daniel Bryan's return, or the rise of Dolph Ziggler?

Perhaps this was the plan all along and the series of slip-ups will cause them to audible to a new outcome?

Or they're gauging the marketplace's temperature to settle an internal debate between what Vince believes is "the right attraction" against Triple H's lobbying for Roman Reigns?

Isn't it fun being a meta-fan in the Reality Era?

Let us know what you think below.

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