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Steve Austin: Roman Reigns is the next megastar in WWE

In a recent interview with Between The Ropes, Stone Cold Steve Austin was asked who he believes the next mainstream star in WWE will be. He had three names cued up but one that he earmarked as the big breakout of the group.

No surprise there:

"There's three guys who have big superstars written on them. I think Bray Wyatt is one of them, Cesaro is one of them, but when I got to mention the guy your asking for is Roman Reigns. He happens to be related to The Rock. Good looking kid, damn good worker in the ring, I want to know some more about his promos. But man, if I got to look at the roster right now and say whose my next megastar, his name is Roman Reigns."

Wyatt, a super charismatic smooth talker, should be a mainstay on the roster for the next decade assuming he stays healthy. And while he may never break through as a transcendent star, the top of the heap, he should find a cozy spot somewhere in the top three or five.

Cesaro, meanwhile, could go either way. For all his potential and ability between the ropes, he hasn't caught on just yet. There have been brief glimpses that have provided a great deal of hope but the brass ring remains just out of reach ... for now.

It's Reigns who is clearly on the brink of breaking through the glass ceiling and becoming the face of the company. When pundits push him as the next John Cena it's not hyperbole as much as stating the obvious. He could crash and burn, as is possible with anyone, but all is going swimmingly so far.


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