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Josh Mathews released by WWE

It's been almost two full weeks since "Black Thursday" when WWE released 10 wrestlers and one referee. There were rumblings that more cuts were to be expected but with so much time gone by, there was hope they were just rumblings and nothing more.


Josh Mathews is the latest casualty, released sometime within the last 24 hours according to the Wrestling Observer. WWE has removed his profile from its main roster page and placed it in the "Alumni" section, indicated he has, in fact, been let go.

The company has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

Mathews began his career with WWE when he tried out for and was a contestant on Tough Enough season one, finishing third behind Maven and Nidia. Later, he would be hired as a backstage interviewer, then an announcer, then the lead anchor on the WWE Network.

Now, he's gone.

Mathews hasn't commented publicly on the matter, so we'll update once an official statement comes out.

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