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WWE confirms Fernando of Los Matadores injured at house show

Reports from various outlets had been circulating today that Fernando, one half of Los Matadores, had suffered an injury to his leg at a WWE house show in Newark, Delaware, this past weekend. Until now, those reports were unconfirmed.

Operative phrase: Until now.

WWE announced on its website just a short time ago that Fernando did, in fact, suffer multiple injuries to his leg, both a sprained ankle and a sprained knee.

Here's more:

Fernando underwent X-rays to determine the nature of his injuries, and after reviewing the X-rays on Monday, WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann was able to confirm a diagnosis. "Fortunately there are no fractures. However, he has a pretty significant left ankle sprain, as well as a sprain of one of the ligaments of the knee," said Amann. "We put him in a boot, he's on crutches, and we expect him to be back in three to four weeks."

Los Matadores were already in limbo, what with their feud with 3MB having come to a close after Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were both released by the company. This could very well mean we simply won't see the group until Fernando is ready to return.

You sad, Cagesiders?

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