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JTG on WWE release: I'm not really bummed

RajoMac at Wikimedia Commons

JTG, a talented enough wrestler, became the butt of pro wrestling fan's jokes when WWE went an astounding seven years without releasing him from the company despite the fact that he was only ever featured on its television programs sporadically and never with much success.

His streak came to an end on June 12 when he was fired by the company during a recent round of budget cuts.

Do not fear, however, he's doing really well and, in fact, already has big plans in a reunion with former Cryme Tyme tag team partner Shad Gaspard.

On plans for a tour:

"Yeah, we're actually doing a world tour, me and Jay. We're doing a world tour coming up. Every continent, all the cities in the world; Paris, France, Germany... hit it up. I can't tell you (when to expect the first match), we're waiting for that figure to be right. It's gotta be that good money."

On his WWE release:

"I'm not really bummed. I've been preparing for it for a long time, I've been at home. I'm okay with it. There's always something bigger and better. There's a big open door for better opportunities."

Don't cry for JTG, Cagesiders. There is a better life awaiting him, apparently.

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