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WWE Network Playlist: RAGE QUIT! (Part 1)

We've all been there: we sit and watch a wrestling show for two, three, four hours. At some point, a wrestling show gets bad and you regret wasting your time and money on it. At some point, that regret often bleeds to the point where you consider yourself why you're a wrestling fan in the first place. This is a rage quit. As defined by Urban Dictionary:

To become frustrated to the point of blacking out with anger and usually throwing an object at something. At which point the person quits the activity and leaves the area.

Or, more accurately:

To leave with rage in a public or real-life event.

Chances are, you've felt that after watching a PPV or wrestling event.

This is where you come in, Cagesider: together, we will build the ultimate WWE Network RAGE QUIT playlist, PPVs that made you so angry, you've questioned your status as a wrestling fan.

So what's that PPV for you? The best ten (or 20, or whatever) will be cobbled together into our official Cageside Seats WWE Network Rage Quit Playlist.

Comment below with your rage quit PPVs, or if you feel like sharing, tell us about a wrestling show you rage quit.

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