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Is Cody Rhodes transformation into Stardust a permanent change?

WWE and Rhodes appear to be all in on his gimmick change. Could they position him to replace his brother on the roster? Would that be a good move for Cody? We kick it around, right here.

If you scroll through's roster of Superstars, you'll notice that former multiple-time tag team and Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes is no longer listed.  You can check under 'C' or 'R' - he isn't there.

But scroll over to 'S'...


Likewise, followers of The Son of The Son of a Plumber on Twitter will notice that while the link is still @CodyRhodesWWE, the handle and profile picture have changed:

You have to admire the commitment to the gimmick, which debuted this past Monday night on Raw and represents the culmination (for now) of Cody's quest to find his brother Goldust a worthy tag team partner.  The Dusts were victorious, and we await the next turn in the story of The Brotherhood.  It's being said he's remaining in character for all WWE events.  We know that an effort was even made to write Cody off of the JBL & Cole Show on YouTube where he has been a fixture.

So is all of this being done for a short-term angle?  Or could Stardust be here to stay?

The make-up, costume and name (reportedly from a childhood nickname that The American Dream had for his youngest son) are all clearly modeled on his half-brother's famous gimmick.  Dustin Runnels has been wrestling as Goldust for nearly twenty years.  It's been a consistently over and mutable gimmick: heel and face, comedy and boundary-pushing, singles wrestling and tag teams.

Despite an athletic heyday over the past year or so that he credits to DDP Yoga, Dustin is 45 years old and probably won't be a bankable star for WWE for much longer.

Cody, on the other hand, is not yet 30 and, despite a wealth of talent and commitment, has never quite broken through into the main event for the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the world.  Given the verve with which he has thrown himself into past gimmicks like Dashing Cody Rhodes or the twisted villain he became when he thought he was "deformed", there's every reason to think that if anyone could make Goldust 2.0 work, it would be him.

The upside is that Cody could use this to break through and become a Kane-like player that resides in the upper mid-card but is occasionally drafted into the title picture.  The downside is that he could have another decade or so filling the role that his brother has filled for WWE since 1995.

That is, unless this all a ruse to revert back to heel Cody Rhodes and attack Goldust at an upcoming pay-per-view (PPV)...


What do you think Cagesiders?  Is Stardust a permanent change?  Should it be?

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