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Is something funky with the Funkadactyls? Total Divas' Naomi and Cameron may be breaking up soon

Cameron and Naomi are not seeing eye-to-eye. Does a feud between the dancing Divas mean anything about how WWE books Total Divas cast members, how they see champion Paige, or women's wrestling in WWE?

Call it the curse of the Funkasaurus.

Less than a week after Brodus Clay was released from the WWE and set loose on the shoot video circuit as "The Funky Dinosaur", it looks like his former dancers might be headed for a break-up.

It's not like Naomi and Cameron were a good luck charm for the current owner of "Somebody Call My Momma", either. But at least The Funkadactyls seemed like a cohesive unit while Xavier Woods was getting broken by Rusev.

No more, as WWE Creative is getting over their reluctance to have any cast member of Total Divas play the heel.  The tag team break-up, a pro wrestling story as old as time, is coming to the Divas division.

Naomi will play the babyface, upset at her partner's unhonorable actions.  It also looks like she'll be the recipient of a push, with her victory over Paige in a non-title match last night on Main Event.

The good news is that it probably saves us, and the Divas Champ, from being asked to take a program against the still-green Cameron seriously.

The bad news is that it probably means we'll have to deal with several weeks of talented-but-no-Trish-Stratus Naomi trying to get good matches out of the still-green Cameron.  It also probably means that the focus will remain on Paige's challengers rather than her, so folks looking for more character development beyond a scream or two should probably stick to Instagram.


Anybody out there on Cageside Seats excited for a "Funkadactyls Explode!" program?  Does it bode ill or well for the women of WWE?

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