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Vince Russo loses his rag on Twitter about Death Of WCW book

Vince Russo still isn't a fan of Bryan Alvarez or his Death of WCW book. Shocking I know...

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Vince Russo believes he didn't script WCW's demise (or TNA's for that matter)
Vince Russo believes he didn't script WCW's demise (or TNA's for that matter)
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On October 14th, a revised and expanded edition of The Death Of WCW book by Bryan Alvarez and R. D. Reynolds will be released. The original version was a highly entertaining, albeit imperfect, look back on the creative incompetence that took the biggest and most profitable promotion in the world and ran it out of business in a sea of red ink in just three years. With an extra 200+ pages, the re-release should be greatly improved.

However, Vince Russo, one of the tome's villainous fools, didn't approve when he caught wind that Death Of WCW is currently the number one and number two bestselling wrestling book on Amazon. Indeed, he went on Twitter to complain about having never being interviewed by Alvarez in the process of him writing either volume:

I find it hilarious that to write an accurate portrayal of the death of WCW you have to personally talk to Vince Russo when he's written his own book about his run working for WCW as its lead writer (Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo) and given multiple shoot interviews on the matter too. It's not like his opinions were kept top secret.

It's probably the best for Bryan's blood pressure that he's never interviewed Vinnie Ru as just reading a few excerpts from his self pitying second autobiography led to this classic all time rant.

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