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Seth Rollins didn't join Evolution, apparently; is reportedly getting new entrance music

When Seth Rollins turned heel on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, breaking up The Shield in the process, he did so by aligning with Triple H and Randy Orton, or at least that's what he appeared to do, what with his getting cozy with "The Game" and handing a chair off to "The Viper". This came just hours after Batista quit WWE.

Apparently, this did not mean he joined Evolution.

According to the Wrestling Observer (subscription required), WWE has avoided saying Rollins switched sides because "officially" that's not the case. Still, Rollins has adopted Triple H's Evolution catchphrases and has spent the past few shows explaining his decision to leave The Shield in favor of gaining power like, well, Triple H.

Batista's hiatus could mean Evolution has been disbanded -- it's worth noting that Line in the Sand is no longer being used by anyone -- and while Triple H, Orton, and Rollins may run together, they won't officially become a group, instead focusing on other more singular goals. Indeed, as of this writing Triple H is on a collision course with Reigns, Rollins has Ambrose in his sights, and Orton is booked for the Money in the Bank WWE world heavyweight title match.

Things can and often do change in WWE, though, so stay tuned.

In related news, it also appears as though the entrance music Rollins has been using since leaving The Shield is a "placeholder" and it will be changing soon enough.

Thoughts on all this, Cagesiders?

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