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Mark Henry responds to Curt Hawkins calling him an idiot: I know where you live; an apology is due

Shamsuddin Muhammad at Wikimedia Commons

Curt Hawkins was fired by WWE yesterday and while he was immediately booked by Pro Wrestling Syndicate and has drawn great interest on the independent scene, it's still undoubtedly a difficult time for him. WWE is the big stage, after all, and he was just kicked off it.

That's why he reacted so negatively when longtime WWE employee and former champion Mark Henry sent out a seemingly insensitive tweet, as you can see below:

Considering the circumstances, one can understand the reaction, even if it's a bit strong with the lack of context surrounding Henry's words.

Well, he cleared that up in his response to Hawkins.

Clearing up the situation? Good.

Publicly making remarks that could easily be construed as threats? Not so much.

Here's to hoping no one gets their wig split and these two can work out their issues amicably.

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