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Curt Hawkins calls Mark Henry an 'idiot' for insensitive tweet after WWE release

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UPDATE: Henry has responded to Hawkins, and it sounds like a threat. Read his comeback here.

It was a brutal day for the lower mid-card level talent at WWE, with 10 wrestlers and one referee getting the axe after a number of years with the company (read more herehere, and here. The list of names includes Curt Hawkins, who never quite found his footing in various tag team pairings with the likes of Zack Ryder and Tyler Reks.

A follow up singles run was destined to fail because, well, the creative powers within WWE simply never got behind him.

Initially, he took the news with a sense of humor, cracking jokes on his Twitter. Then, he saw a tweet from Mark Henry and, with no reason to hold back anymore, let "The World's Strongest Man" know how he felt about it:

We have no way of knowing if Henry was actually taking a shot at the wrestlers who were cut today, but it certainly comes off like a needlessly insensitive tweet he had to know would be read by the folks who just lost their job.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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