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JTG released by WWE

After news broke this morning that multiple wrestlers -- including Brodus Clay, Evan Bourne, and more -- had been released by WWE, there was a mix of shock and awe that JTG was not among them. How could Teddy Long lose his job but JTG, who hasn't been meaningful utilized in years, remain employed?

Answer: He didn't.

Indeed, JTG has been released.

And he sent out this tweet right after he got the news:

So ends the saga of a wrestler who was always just sort of there and never really had anything to do after Cryme Tyme was disbanded and he never caught on in NXT. Or on the main roster. Or backstage. Or anywhere, really.

The "How Long Has JTG Been Employed By WWE" clock can stop counting down now. He made it all the way to seven years and 29 days, if you can believe it.

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