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Sting WWE contract STILL isn't signed but the two sides are reportedly close

News broke just days ago that WWE sent out a casting call for body doubles who look like Sting -- except they have to be "pure muscle" because this is wrestling, after all -- and they're paying a higher rate than usual because they want it to be just right.There have been rumors floating that he signed with the company because of this, but those are apparently unfounded.

He still hasn't put pen to paper on the deal he's been offered.

That's according to the Wrestling Observer (subscription required but recommended), who provide the latest update on the Stinger:

On the Sting deal, they are offering him more than just the standard legends deal in the current negotiations. Our report that it was the legends deal was part of it, but there are more to the talks than just the legends deal. As of 6/9, he hadn't signed. ... The feeling is still they are close enough and a deal will be done inevitably.

So we've gone from his signing being imminent and a match with Undertaker almost certain to his possibly signing soon and a role as General Manager of Monday Night Raw possible to his being close on the deal but it not being a high priority for WWE to his being offered a standard legend's contract to his now being offered more than that and being close to signing once again.

We, like you, will be glad when this saga reaches its conclusion and all parties either shit or get off the pot.

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