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Report: Vince McMahon not high on recent NXT call ups including Adam Rose, Paige

Well, here's an interesting new report, one that comes courtesy of the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but strongly recommended): WWE Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon, is not high on recent NXT call ups, including Adam Rose and Paige.

Adam Rose being off Raw this week is an indication already that they are cooling off on the character. Vince McMahon, who makes all the key choices, isn't the easiest one to get to accept new people as main players. He's said not to be completely sold on any of the recent characters. Bo Dallas' push is still continuing on almost every show. Kevin Dunn apparently buried Rose and Vince isn't sold on him either. That's why Paige has the title but little character developmental has been done her (sic). Dunn right now is a huge proponent of Fox, so her gimmick will continue to be featured.

Before we get into any analysis of this, let's make clear that this is simply a report with no way to confirm it as "fact". Dave Meltzer is, however, a typically reliable source for information in the pro wrestling world but we can certainly understand not taking his word as gospel.

With that out of the way, and viewing this through the lens of legitimacy, the Rose news isn't surprising in the least considering all the issues we've already laid out in detail on this site (herehere, and here, mostly). Dallas hasn't been given any time to connect, so any negative feeling on him would be entirely too soon considering the nature of the character he portrays.

It's the inclusion of Paige that is the most disappointing.

The current Divas champion debuted with a bang on the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 30 and was given a strong early push, winning the title from AJ Lee. She was also featured heavily in video packages and even did a sit-down interview with Michael Cole in place of Triple H. Her matches featured odd booking, but the wait and see approach was worth taking. The idea of decreasing her television time and not featuring her as much reeks of the impatience and short-sighted writing McMahon has become famous for.

This does not mean any of the three will wither away and die off in the near future but it's certainly worth keeping on eye on how they're used going forward.

Your thoughts on this, Cagesiders?

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