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CM Punk named number 2 biggest trash talker in WWE history

Tonight's (June 10, 2014) episode of WWE Countdown on the WWE Network listed off the 10 "biggest trash talkers" in history. Naturally, CM Punk made the list and, because people still care a great deal about CM Punk despite the fact that he's retired and all indications are he's not coming back to pro wrestling anytime soon, if ever, we're passing it along.

For those who care, he was ranked number two.

This is the second episode of Countdown he's been included on since his departure from WWE back in January, the first being the "Greatest Villain" list that had him at number three.

As we did then, it should be noted that these shows were filmed before he left and the voting was done by fans. So this is not an internal list created by anyone who works for the company, this is you, dear fan, deciding he's both the third greatest villain in history, and the second best trash talker in history.

Here's the complete top 10:

10. Macho Man Randy Savage
9. Superstar Billy Graham
8. Chris Jericho
7. Bobby Heenan
6. Ric Flair
5. Roddy Piper
4. Jake Roberts
3. The Rock
2. CM Punk
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin


For those who have the Network and want to watch this episode of Countdown click here.

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