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CM Punk is 'retired' according to a close friend of his

Ed Webster at Wikimedia Commons

Over at Red Eye Chicago, there is an article featured by a woman named Natalie Slater. In it, she bemoans fame and the fact that her friend, former WWE star CM Punk, is unable to go about his daily life without constantly being hounded by fans and/or paparazzi in a desperate bid to get his attention or meet him or interact with him in some way or another.

This, apparently, includes camping out near his backyard in Chicago just to catch a glimpse of him when he takes his trash out.

It's a good read with some valuable insight into what it's like to be a celebrity. In short, as she puts it, it "sucks", at least in regards to living day-to-day life. After all, wouldn't you hate going to the grocery story to get a gallon of milk and getting mobbed, no matter the time or day?

What's also interesting is how she refers to him.

Now, he's the recently retired seven-time World Champion, and he's one of the most isolated people I've ever known.

Emphasis mine.

The constant rumors of Punk returning to WWE likely won't stop anytime soon but if nothing else, we finally have one of his close friends referring to him as "retired". Maybe on the next conference call with investors, someone can ask Vince McMahon if he still thinks Punk is "on hiatus".

Sorry, fans.

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