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Latest WWE merchandise sellers list proves that Legends still move product

It's been almost two months since The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided us with a new ranking of live and online merchandise movers. While the top doesn't change, it's always interested to see in whom the fans are investing.

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Back in March, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) proided a list of the top merchandise movers at WWE live events and via their online story, WWE Shop.  The lists offer little in the way of surprises, but it's still interesting to see what characters and angles were moving fans to vote with their wallets during WrestleMania season.

Arena Merchandise Sales:

1. John Cena (no change)
2. Daniel Bryan (nc)
3. Randy Orton (7)
4. Ultimate Warrior (not ranked)
5. Rob Van Dam (nr)
6. Brock Lesnar (8)
7. The Wyatt Family (nr)
8. Batista (4)
9. Sin Cara (nr)

No longed ranked: Sheamus, Hulk Hogan

1. Ultimate Warrior (not ranked)
2. John Cena (1)
3. CM Punk (2)
4. Daniel Bryan (3)
5. The Wyatt Family (nr)
6. The Shield (5)
7. Evolution (nr)
8. Hulk Hogan (4)

No longed ranked: Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Randy Orton

Warrior obviously is expriencing a resurgence around his mythological return to the company and immediate passing, and was apparently even higher on the arena sales list in the weeks prior to these lists (it's frustrating that this is essentially anecdotal reporting without numbers or time frames, but that's pro wrestling for you).

Always worth noting the different kinds of acts that get sales online versus at arenas, where impulse purchases from kids (Sin Cara) or folks excited to see a star from their youth (RVD, Batista) seem to have a little more sway.  And - obligatory CM Punk mention - certain guys are out of sight, out of mind at the t-shirt booth.

Bray Wyatt and company are very popular for a heel stable, and these numbers and the crowd reactions have to be a big part of what results in the rumors of an official face turn.  It will be interesting to see if the booking of his feud with merch king John Cena has any impact on these numbers going forward.

What other observations jump out at you from these lists, Cagesiders?

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