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Reports of Cody Rhodes and Goldust splitting up are surfacing again

This again.

miguel.discart at Wikimedia Commons

Over the past month or so, the powers that be in WWE seemingly haven't been able to make up their mind about the direction they want to go in with Cody Rhodes and Goldust. After a hugely successful run as a tag team where they were routinely having great matches week after week, the two lost some luster and have just sort of faded into the lower mid-card.

Then the tease of a break up started in the form of Cody losing a match and Goldust trying to console him only to be brushed aside.

This went on for a few matches/interviews before the two seemingly recommitted to each other on social media. On last night's (May 6, 2014) episode of Main Event in Buffalo, they showed a united front once more when Cody helped Goldie win a match against Curtis Axel.

If you thought that meant WWE decided against breaking the two up, you've got another thing coming, at least if we're to believe a report from PW Insider that plans are back on the books to split the two. The idea, it seems, is to turn Cody heel for a short program with his older brother.

After that, who knows what the future holds.

Assuming this comes to fruition, would you Cagesiders be happy about it?

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