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Mick Foley is worried about Daniel Bryan

The Hardcore Legend is concerned that the champ's program with Kane is a little too reminiscent of Zack Ryder's from a few years back - and that they might end up in the same place. More interestingly, he thinks that Bryan might be too nice of a guy to stick up for himself when WWE Creative hands him bad ideas. Read on for more from The Mickster.

Last night during Raw, Mick Foley was on Twitter expressing his concern for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion within his current program with Kane, which last night resembled a B-level horror flick:

Today, he expanded on his thoughts in a post on his Facebook page:


Whether Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe knows it or not, NOW is the time that the fiercest fighting takes place for a WWE champion - and it has nothing to do with the action in the ring. Now is the time to step up and shoot down horrible ideas that can derail even the most promising of ideas. I used to joke that Daniel was the exception to the rule that every top guy in WWE has been percieved at one time or another as a pain in the neck - largely for their willingness to step up and call the creative team out on bad ideas when they see them. That thing I saw tonight - that thing with Daniel and Brie Bella - WWE Universe and the car? That was a bad idea - one that never should have seen the light of day.

I have said on several occasions that I used up my ammo when it came to complaining about WWE storylines when I went to bat for the #YesMovement in the aftermath of the Royal Rumble. I'm going to do my very best to do just that. But I'll first ask everyone involved - Daniel, Brie, Hunter, Steph, Vince, etc., to take a good look at the nearly identical storyline that ran Zack Ryder's promising career off the rails...and do everything they can to avoid that same horrible stretch of track.

I, for one, don't see the Zack Ryder comparisons.  Yes, the story beats are similar.  But what spilled The Long Island Iced Z wasn't really his failure to change a tire as The Big Red Monster beared down on he and his lady friend - it was playing sidekick to superhero John Cena and rube to femme fatale Eve Torres.

What's interesting about Mick's latest round as WWE critic is the notion that Bryan might be in trouble because he doesn't advocate strongly enough for himself.  This isn't the first time that the idea has been floated that D-Bry is too nice of a guy to survive swimming with the sharks at the highest levels of WWE politics, but it will gain some steam now that it has publicly been put forth by an industry veteran like Foley.

Is a campy feud with a past-his-prime performer really something that could damage the hottest babyface act WWE has had in years?  And is Bryan really doing himself a disservice by not standing up and refusing to take part in whatever WWE Creative hands him?

Only time will tell if Mick Foley is right.  You can tell us what you think right now in the comments, though.

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