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Latest update on Batista and how the WWE Payback 2014 card will look

Well, we may have the answer to that question we posed earlier about Batista and whether or not he'll be staying (for another month) or going.

He's staying.

We think.

Both PW Insider and the Wrestling Observer are reporting that Batista will be sticking around for another month through the Payback event on June 1, 2014, in Chicago. It was reported earlier that Vince McMahon still wants to book Batista vs. Daniel Bryan but the Observer is now reporting a compromise has been made.

It looks like we're getting an Evolution vs. The Shield rematch and Kane vs. Daniel Bryan, possibly in a Buried Alive match, though PW Insider reports "several options" are being considered for that match.

Either way, it at least appears Batista won't be leaving sooner than he was ever supposed to and he won't have to do a job to Bryan again.

Maybe it's better, in his mind, to get pinned by Roman Reigns?

Click here to follow along with tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw to see what direction WWE decides to go in.

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