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Bo Dallas motivational posters are here and they're awesome

The latest Bo Dallas greatness is over at and it's something you absolutely need to see right now, and maybe even partake in: Bo Dallas motivational posters that you can download to your personal device.

One is above and another is below:



I want him to fall and break his arm so I can take some sort of sick pleasure in it just so he can get back up and tell me it's only an obstacle and he BOLIEVES enough to overcome it. I would hate him so very, very much.

Bo Dallas is a perfect pro wrestling character. In some ways, he personifies the industry itself. Everything about him is an exaggeration, from his ridiculous face begging for a punch to his somewhat flabby stomach that makes all the right people cringe when he runs (and WWE puts it in slo motion) to his overbearing optimism.

It's mostly that last one.

He's perfect because some might take him seriously and totally buy into his motivational nonsense because, well, he's sending the right message, while others are always going to want him to eat a million Daniel Bryan "YES" kicks. If this were a slasher movie, he would be the character you tolerate early on for saying the right things but gradually you would hope he dies the most horrible death.

There are many more, so head over to to find the one that suits you best.

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