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Santino Marella: Pro wrestling should incorporate more MMA into matches

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Although he plays a comedy character on WWE television, Santino Marella has a background in mixed martial arts (MMA), one that has led him to open an academy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that focuses on training members in both MMA and pro wrestling.

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, Marella spoke of his belief that pro wrestling needs to incorporate MMA more in matches to give a better appearance of realism:

"For my matches maybe not because my character is established but for the future and young talent, I believe this is the way the business should go because of the growth of MMA and people are becoming more savvy when it comes to submissions and takedowns and things like that. Before, when we said that wrestling was real we didn't have to work so hard, but now that we acknowledge that it's entertainment we have to be very realistic and that is the style we teach at Battle Arts Academy in Toronto."

This is necessitated by the rise of MMA and a better understanding and appreciation for actual fighting techniques. As Santino mentions, it was easier to get away with working matches when the audience at large wasn't as concerned with whether or not a move is practical in a more realistic sense.

Now, everyone knows better.

It's still a work, of course, and everyone knows that, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't go the extra mile.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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