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CM Punk on WWE retirement: It feels good

Earlier today, Red Eye Chicago posted an interview with CM Punk. In it, he was asked how it feels to be retired at the age of 35 and if that means he's going to be doing more charity work now.

His answer:

It feels good. It's a lot easier when you hook up with organizations like the Cubs and being friends with some of the team members. It isn't hard to support their charities. Plus I get to do fun stuff like bowl and paint chairs and play whiffle ball with Bill Murray. It was super fun and for a great cause. You've got athletes and actresses and musicians and all kinds of people painting chairs. I'm super happy to be a part of it.

At this point, Punk isn't so much a pro wrestler as a "Chicago personality". If there's a high life for a rich guy with nothing better to do than attend sporting events and hang out with famous people, Punk is living it to the fullest.

Oh and he's also getting married to AJ Lee next month. There's that too.

This won't completely kill rumors of his eventually returning to WWE because, well, those will never die. Fans -- and, admittedly enough, media -- simply won't let that happen. Chris Jericho once referred to the industry like the mob: you're never truly out of the business.

Plus, Punk has already gone back on his word. Before leaving WWE, he said he would disappear when he retired and we would never hear from him again. Obviously, that's not the case. That doesn't mean he'll ever return to WWE but it's a thread some fans will surely hang on to.

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