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Right Angles: Daniel Bryan vs. Stephanie McMahon

Let's separate this week's edition down to just the matriarch of the Authority and her war with Daniel Bryan since Wrestlemania 30. This is your chance to sound off on the biggest storylines in the industry.

Triple H and Daniel Bryan delivered a classic in New Orleans and for at least two months prior, the writing was solid and the story built to the closest thing anyone has seen to Austin/McMahon, at least relative to the blue collar vs. white collar mentality.

But our question today is very simple, Cagesiders, and ironically enough pulls from Sean's piece this morning. Since WrestleMania, how has the storyline progressed between Hunter's wife and the WWE world heavyweight champion? We've seen a ton of Brie Bella, been taken back to USA Up All Night levels of horror, and have watched Daniel Bryan leap off a pallet suspended on a forklift. Bryan is still in recovery from his neck surgery and this Sunday's Payback event will feature a confrontation and a decision for the Champion that will result in either him being stripped of the gold or his new wife being fired (or a likely third option.)

So how well has this angle been scripted since early April? That's today's question...

Now have at it...

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