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Good morning; let's talk wrestling! Kevin Steen might be heading to WWE

Kevin Steen to the WWE rumors are popping up more and more. Let's discuss this potential partnership.

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We've heard the "I'm a guy who, for all intents and purposes, never should have made it to WWE" line from CM Punk more times than Alberto Del Rio has wrestled Sin Cara. Well, that phrase could be uttered again in the very near future by a much larger -- literally speaking -- independent wrestling darling: Kevin Steen.

That is if the reports are true and he is indeed jumping ship from Ring of Honor (ROH).

Before Punk signed with WWE and debuted on ECW, many were surprised the world's largest pro wrestling company would be interested in a guy with his frame -- Steen is the same but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Neither Punk nor Steen have the "look" Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon prefers, but your "look" can be less of an issue if you can play a character that garners a reaction. Punk, like Steen, can do that with ease in both the babyface and heel role, and that's a valuable trait. However, it has always seemed like both enjoy the villain role much more.

Recent NXT call-up Rusev has the "look" Vince is a mark for, but he's not getting the heat necessary to become anything other than a mid-carder. Rusev is a terrifying individual who isn't a sub-par worker in the ring by any means. But if you can't get over, none of the theatrics or menacing "looks" matter.

Just ask Mason Ryan, Mark Jindrak, Brodus Clay, The Great Khali, and other physically imposing characters that just didn't click with the crowd or the fans watching from home.

Steen may not have the "look" Vince would salivate over, but he can draw the reactions Vince so desperately craves. Steen is currently listed at 5'11'' and weighs roughly 240-pounds. If he was five or more inches taller he'd probably be exactly what Vince is looking for in a main event talent, but there is obviously nothing Steen can do about that. To put 5'11" in perspective, Daniel Bryan is listed at 5'10".

That could be a problem.

Because he's not as physically imposing as a Rusev, Batista, Brock Lesnar or Big Show, Steen utilizes other attributes in his repertoire to garner the reaction he's aiming for. His in-ring style is sloppy and maybe even a little dangerous, but it works. Steen's character is a cocky guy who seems like he's in chronic mental pain and enjoys inflicting physical damage on others. If you saw Steen walking down the street you'd probably think he was a backup offensive lineman at some college you never heard of, but he's a prime example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Bray Wyatt originally suffered the same sort of setbacks but Husky Harris didn't look intimidating walking down the ramp like a Show or a Lesnar. Granted, he is a much larger guy than Steen (6'3", 285-pounds), but he still wasn't physically imposing enough to get by on size alone. He had to embrace a character that brought out his sinister side and connect with the audience by making them feel uneasy. Steen thrives off making the audience angry, uneasy, and terrified -- sometimes all at once.

Just having the "look" is never enough in WWE. Being able to establish a connection with the audience is the hardest thing for WWE's young wrestlers --- just ask Emma, Adam Rose and Rusev. If you can't find a way to get your character over you're going to flounder, but I don't think Steen will have this problem like a few recent NXT call-ups have had.

To turn Steen into a hot commodity in WWE, the formula is simple: let him work against over babyfaces and give him the mic after he hurts and/or defeats them. Steen's facial expressions and carefree attitude gives the impression he's a hazard, one who must be dealt with lest he destroy all our heros. Think of it like the ongoing Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena storyline but far more believable because he wrestles to hurt you, unlike Wyatt who focuses more on the psychological aspect.

But that's also what makes both of them great.

It's understandable to believe Steen is a guy who, for all intents and purposes, shouldn't ever make it in WWE. He doesn't have the typical "look" Vince desires, just turned 30-years-old, and has the in-ring style Dean Ambrose would be enthralled over. On the other hand, Steen has all the character and in-ring psychological qualities that should result in major crowd reactions. Nobody is going to cheer for Rusev, but more importantly they're not going to care enough to boo him either. Nobody may be cheering for Steen either, but when he's explicitly trying to paralyze your favorite babyface with a dastardly smile on his face, you're going to care.

Everybody loves a ruthless, heartless heel who terrorizes their heroes -- let Steen be that guy.

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