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Mick Foley pitched WWE an idea to change Dolph Ziggler's 'terrible ring name'

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Believe it or not, one of the big knocks against Dolph Ziggler throughout his career has nothing to do with his abilities inside the ring but rather his name. Yes, the moniker the creative brain trust at WWE came up with for him when he broke away from the Spirit Squad.

It's so bad, apparently, that Mick Foley recently revealed he sent a detailed letter to the decision makers within the company with a plan on how to change the name without hurting the character.

From his Twitter:

The purpose of my post at is not to suggest that @HeelZiggler join @GFWWrestling - just using him as an example of how subjective @WWE decisions can be. I do agree that #DolphZiggler is a terrible ring name. A couple years ago, I sent a very detailed e-mail to the powers that be with a suggestion of how he could get out of the name, and simultaneously garner some mainstream media attention...but never heard back from those in charge.

His previous post was promoting his second interview with GFW, with his chosen method of doing so including his saying "As long as we live in a world where Dolph Ziggler can't get a push, there need to be options for aspiring wrestlers".

Fair enough.

It's just too bad Foley didn't want to go into any more detail on how exactly he would go about accomplishing changing Ziggler's name.

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