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Bill Goldberg has a podcast now; here's episode 1

Rusty Jarrett

With Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and Jim Ross all launching highly successful podcasts through the Podcast One network, it only made sense to continue growing the list of offerings from the professional wrestling world.

To that end, the latest to join the fracas is former WCW heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg.

The synopsis for his show:

NFL lineman, undefeated Pro Wrestler, Motor Sports enthusiast and actor Bill Goldberg shares the real stories behind some of his real life adventures. Best known as "Goldberg," each week Bill talks to celebrity pals from the sports and entertainment world, as well as his legions of followers. Download new episodes every Friday.

The first episode dropped today and you can listen to it below. In it, Goldberg introduces himself, lays out his goals for the show, gets a pep talk from Ross, then shoots the breeze with NASCAR star Tony Stewart. Expect a lot of car talk on this show, by the way, because that's his passion.

Anyone think this will be as successful as all the others? Will you be making Goldberg's show a weekly listen?

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