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Stephanie McMahon once thought Triple H was gay with Shawn Michaels


With WWE on its tour of Europe, Stephanie McMahon -- alongside Hulk Hogan -- participated in a live chat with fans via The Mirror in London. During the course of the chat, a fan asked what Stephanie's first impression of Triple H was.

Triple H, of course, is the man who is now her husband and the father of her three children.

Her answer:

"My first impression of Triple H... Well, I was in college watching DX on Monday Night Raw and I have to say that, um, I was very intrigued with DX. And I actually did wonder if -- I'm going to get so killed for this, maybe I won't say it -- I wondered if Triple H and Shawn didn't have more than a friendship going on. No, they were so much fun. Anyway, as soon as I met the man I obviously fell in love with him and it was love at first sight."

In fairness:

I really have no idea how to close this post, so I'm just going to let you Cagesiders take it from here.

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