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The Notorious Eddie Mac Reviews PPVs in 100 Words Or Less: Volume 1

What if not as many people subscribed to the WWE Network as originally thought, or it may take something of a miracle to break even by the end of the year, or the price may go up next year, or WWE may exercise the nuclear option if the cost burden becomes too much?

At a price point of $10 a month to watch every WWE, WCW, and ECW event of significance in the history of ever means a lot of people, myself included, have and will watch events they've never had the chance to before, or watch events they want to view again and again. That $60 over six months is enough to make any wrestling fan with a broadband Internet connection an armchair booker.

Or something like that.

So in this ongoing experiment (if you follow me on Twitter, you know where I'm going with this), I have my followers pick out a pay-per-view (PPV) for me to watch and I watch it to its conclusion, then write a 140 character or less review. 140 characters sometimes isn't enough to get out all the venom or sing its many praises, so I'll give you a 100-words-or-less review of selected PPVs and tell you if they're worth your time.


WCW Spring Stampede 2000: 4/10, would probably watch again, but only under heavy medication. Or an energy drink. This is the one with all the tournaments. All the belts got vacated six days before the show in a hard reboot of storylines. 13 matches on the show. 13, and more than half involve WCW's secondary singles title. Too much happens on this show, so nothing stands out.


WWF In Your House 13: Final Four: 7/10, would watch again. It picked up in the second half. And Vader lost an eye. This was the show to crown a new WWF Champion after Shawn Michaels lost his smile. First two matches mean little (and by little, I mean pretty much nothing), but the title matches are all pretty good. The weird rules with the WWF title match (pinfall, submission, over the top rope to eliminate) are a bit complex, but fit well with the story. And Vader bled. About a 0.5 on the Muta Scale. Final outcome didn't mean much given the events that play out over the next few weeks.


Clash of the Champions VII: Guts and Glory: 6/10, would watch again for the tag title match and the main event. The show's only a shade over two hours, but it feels much longer. Plus the Ding Dongs. THE DING DONGS. This was a real thing in WCW in 1989.


Summerslam 1997: 8/10, would definitely watch again. THAT chair shot in the main event would absolutely not be allowed in 2014. My God. Plus, this is the one where Steve Austin (and probably the WWF by proxy) almost died. One that gets lost in history with the momentum WCW was riding at the time.


NWA Chi-Town Rumble 1989: 7/10, would watch only for the main event. It's a one match show, really. That one match, of course, is the main event between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat for the NWA world title. Do yourself a favor and seek that match out.


WCW Slamboree 2000: 4/10, probably would not watch again. Too much stuff happening at once for anything to stand out... other than that fall in the end. WCW 2000 in a nutshell. Phonetic pacing has never been WCW's strong suit.


NWA Great American Bash 1988: The Price for Freedom: 9/10, would definitely watch again. However, if you're not a fan of dirty finishes, this show is not exactly for you. If you're a fan of short matches, this show is not exactly for you. I believe the price for freedom in 1988 was $19.95, or $40 in 2014. (This is totally a guess, which if correct, means PPV prices have gone up faster than the inflation rate.)


Wrestlemania VII: 4/10, would only watch again for Savage-Warrior. 14 matches on the show, and at least nine of them are filler. This was the last of the "fillerific" Wrestlemanias, as they would trim the fat (and the show length for a while) going forward. Also a bit depressing as four of the five principals in the retirement match are now dead. That, by the way, is four of the sixteen performers on this card that have checked out of the mortal world.


WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede: 10/10, would definitely watch again. The energy from this two hour show is more than you get with most three-hour shows. The Calgary crowd was up for EVERYTHING, especially the main event. For a drinking game suggestion: take a shot every time Sasuke (correctly pronounced Sas-kay) is mispronounced.


ECW One Night Stand 2005: 8/10, would definitely watch again. It felt like an ECW show, and that's all you can ask. However, if you can find the Sandman's original entrance from that night and not a dubbed over version, watch that. It is AMAZING.

That's it for this round. Did you watch any of these? Any I should watch? Your thoughts, Cagesiders, are most welcome.

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