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WWE Network: Do you plan on renewing your subscription after the first six months?

When WWE announced it had just over 667,000 subscribers for the WWE Network following WrestleMania 30 on April 7, 2014, the number was considered a big disappointment and fell short of most expectations. In the more than month since then, a new television deal has been struck -- one the company admitted was greatly affected by the Network launching -- and because the rights fee didn't double as Vince McMahon promised, the stock has bombed, leading to investigations and investors calling for Vince's head.

In short, the company is a mess behind-the-scenes right now.

It could get a whole lot worse if the Network, which, due to start up costs, is going to equal WWE losing around $50 million this year, doesn't gain subscribers at a faster rate than has so far.

Well, we're now roughly three months into the first billing cycle and that's enough time to take a survey of the large number of you Cagesiders who ordered. After seeing everything it has to offer, are you planning on renewing your subscription at the end of the six months you committed to?

Let us know below.

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