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Paige: You haven't seen the best of Emma yet

WWE has had a spotty track record in regards to calling up talent from its developmental program, NXT, up to the main roster to work Raw, SmackDown, Main Event, and Superstars. Those issues, however, are typically creatively driven as opposed to the wrestlers themselves failing to connect with fully fleshed out characters.

To that end, it's been a success and one need only look to talents like Bray Wyatt and Paige to see evidence of as much.

Speaking of Paige, she gave an interview to Digital Spy in which she was asked about fellow NXT alum Emma and how her transition to the main roster has been. Her answer:

"Emma is incredible, first of all. I really enjoyed every single match I had with her and she deserves everything that she's getting so far. She's really, really working hard - she's definitely a workhorse. She's just really happy. People have seen what she can do but not what she's so freaking fantastic at.

"It's good that people are seeing it bit by bit. If we just saw it all in our face already, people are going to get tired quickly. The way she's growing at the minute, she's doing great. You haven't seen the best of her yet, definitely not."

That's a good attitude to have when assessing Emma's early prospects since her call up. She's clearly an incredible talent but she's languished in a comedy tag team with Santino Marella and hasn't been getting much television time of late, despite the fact that Paige is currently Divas champion and the two had one hell of an entertaining feud filled with great matches in NXT.

As Paige implies, however, patience is key on this one.


Also, here's a relevant Vine WWE released today:

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