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Bob Holly: Dolph Ziggler has everything it takes to be number one; is 'the best talent'

Of all people, Bob Holly would seem the unlikeliest of allies for Dolph Ziggler, but in a recent interview with The Shoot radio show, he was putting "The Showoff" over as a potential number one guy for WWE:

"I love this guy. He is the best talent. He has everything it takes to be number one. They (WWE) sit there and they're always preaching that you gotta have the heart, desire, and will. You gotta work your butt off and on and on, and it's like, Sheamus was the world champion within six months. How did he deserve to be world champion? Don't insult the fans intelligence by telling them it takes this, this, this, and this to make it to the top when it doesn't. It's Hunter's choice or whoever is at the round table. It's their choice, but Dolph Ziggler does sells tickets. How many times does Dolph Ziggler have to step it up and say 'hey, look at me'? Every time he's stepping in the ring he's saying 'look at me, look what I can do'. That guy steals the show every single night at house shows, I will guarantee it."

Ziggler was, at one point, well on his way to a run at the top, including a world heavyweight championship title victory on the Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania 29 last year. He had momentum and was insanely over with the audience but an errant kick to the head from Jack Swagger resulted in a severe concussion and he dropped the title shortly after his return.

He was relegated to mid-card status and doing jobs not long after. He's never fully recovered either.

Still, he perseveres, working his ass off night in and night out while using his Twitter to do what he can to gain support from fans. His mouth may or may not have gotten him in trouble a time or two -- you can never know with the rumor mill and all that -- but it's become clear WWE doesn't see him as a top level star the way Holly seems to.

Any Cagesiders out there still hoping Ziggler makes it to the top? Or is he simply a lost cause anymore?

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