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Roman Reigns injured at WWE house show and OH MY GOD YOU CAN SEE INSIDE HIS HEAD

Megan Elice Meadows at Wikimedia Commons

WWE is currently on its European tour and today (Wed., May 14, 2014) the promotion hit Glasgow, Scotland, for a house show that featured Roman Reigns working a steel cage match against Randy Orton. Reports from on the scene (via the Wrestling Observer) detail a botched spot late in the match where the two apparently bumped heads and Reigns ended up bloody.

The spot, apparently, was Reigns charging in for a spear and Orton snatching him up for his trademark snap powerslam. However, a miscommunication led to the conking of skulls and the "big dog" of The Shield getting some color.

They finished the match, at least, and the final few minutes of it was reportedly awesome.

Later, Reigns took to Twitter to show off his war wound and OH MY GOD YOU CAN SEE INSIDE THAT MAN'S HEAD.

Here's to hoping it's just that nasty cut and nothing worse, seeing as WWE really can't afford to have another top star out for any amount of time right now.

You know, unless they convince that one guy to come back.


Update: Video of the incident has emerged, for however long WWE lets it stay up. Skip to roughly 4:45 for the botched spot:

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