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Drew McIntyre has the best perspective on 3MB

Megan Elice Meadows at Wikimedia Commons

From an interview with Digital Spy:

"For now I'm concentrating on getting 3MB a tag title shot, but obviously my end goal is getting the world championship! It should be everybody's goal, if it's not your goal you're in the wrong business.

"It feels like I've been around forever, but I did get here when I was very young. I'm still 28. So right now my focus is very much getting 3MB a tag title shot. It'll shock the world if we get those tag titles! And then after that, yeah, my focus is one day to become the world champion."

There was a time when Drew McIntyre was supposed to be the future of WWE, the so-called "chosen one". Vince McMahon had visions of making him a WrestleMania headliner and then, well, life happened. By "life" I mean Taryn Terrell and her falling off the deep end when the two were married years ago.

There have been other issues, including injuries (he talks about as much in the article), but the fact that it seems like a victory that he's focusing on how shocking it would be for 3MB to win the tag team titles says it all.

He deserves to be applauded for it, really.


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