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Ryback is a very diverse character

There was a time not long ago that WWE wanted you to see Ryback as a musclebound meathead. I mean that literally. His entire gimmick was he liked to eat, shouting "FEED ME MORE" a lot while squashing "local athletes".

This actually worked for a while, at least while he was winning. Then he did a job, then he did another, and the unstoppable monster character was no longer viable. The problem is WWE didn't bother creating someone new for him.

So he went and did it himself, utilizing social media to showcase his personality. And that's what it is too. Just THE BIG GUY being THE BIG GUY and THE BIG GUY is a very diverse character. That's what he told Scott Fishman at the Miami Herald:

"Through Twitter and everything else like that I'm just myself. A lot of people like to see that. When I'm in the ring I'm very intense. I consider myself a modern-day gladiator when I go out there. Social media and things like WrestleMania Axxess, this is my whole personality. On TV you can only catch so much. When I'm in the ring performing I'm a gladiator. Outside of it is different. If look at guys like Kurt Angle, ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin and The Rock, they were very diverse characters. Ryback is a very diverse character as well."

This makes it clear that WWE creative needs to write an actual story for this man immediately.

Make sure you check out the rest of the interview by clicking here.

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