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Legends House episode 3 live discussion thread

If you can believe it, the heavily hyped premiere of Legend's House two weeks ago on the WWE Network turned out to be the number one rated show during that week. Well, it's back tonight (May 1, 2014) for another go round.

To get up to date, check out recaps of episode one and two here and here.

Here's the synopsis for episode three of season one:

A bowling competition kicks things off! However, the real mayhem begins when the WWE Legends attempt to film a bizzarre commercial.

This is going to be a train wreck. That's the point, actually, so we thought it prudent to put up a live discussion thread so we can all point and laugh together here at Cageside. We'll be sure to put up a full recap of the show after it finishes up.

Enjoy the show!

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