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Total Diva season 2 episode six ratings down from week prior

After dropping down to 1.16 million viewers a couple weeks ago, Total Divas viewership rebounded to 1.39 million for last week's episode. The show could not sustain the momentum, however, and dropped back down to 1.14 million viewers for this past Sunday night's edition.

In fairness, competition was strong from other television programs like Game of Thrones.

It may not get any better anytime soon. This coming Sunday night's show will air directly opposite the WWE Extreme Rules special event.

Here's how the ratings look so far this season:

Episode one: 1.07 million
Episode two: 1.28 million
Episode three: 1.55 million
Episode four: 1.16 million
Episode five: 1.39 million
Episode six: 1.14 million

To get up to date on episode six click here for the complete playlist and to listen to Cageside Live with Geno and Cain A. Knight reviewing the show click here.

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