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What is WWE planning with this BATTLEGROUND seating chart?

A look at the seating chart for WWE's July "Special Event" show "Battleground" has yielded some interesting questions regarding the nature of the show and a potential match that fans have been desiring for over a decade...

I'm not the "let it go" type. It's what makes me a good wrestling fan: As long as the show keeps coming on each Monday night, I'll be there watching. Not being able to let things go is also why I love to daydream and fantasy book certain angles or re-write WWE history in my head (often whilst pooping or showering).

So when you tell me "Stop trying to make WarGames happen. It isn't going to happen." I have a hard time doing that. Everything seems just so perfectly set up: Evolution+Kane vs Daniel Bryan+Shield. Four on Four. Two rings. A super-sized Hell in a Cell (as opposed to WCW's archaic low-ceiling roofed cage), staggered entry, rigged coin toss, the whole nine yards.  It's the perfect match to blow off this entire feud. "Battleground" is the perfect name for the show to bring it back.

But still the naysayers tell me "It'll never happen. Vince hates it. As long as he's alive, there'll be no WarGames. Let it go."

Sorry. I can't.

But I might find it easier to try if I didn't see something like this:



What you're looking at is the seating chart for the Battleground show. What stands out to you? I notice two things: First of all I see they have blocked off a LOT of space for the stage. That's not unusual, per say, as typically WWE shows curtain-off the entire end of the arena. What is interesting is how much is blocked off compared to the size of the actual stage (the little rectangle connected to the ramp that leads to the ring area).

For comparison's sake here is the seating chart for Raw tonight (April 28):



Now maybe I'm reading too much into things. I know that every arena is different, so there will always be subtle differences with each of these. Maybe the entrance stage is larger because they plan on having a bigger stage for a Special Event show than they do for a Raw show.

And yet, here's the chart for the Payback show:



Again, it could just be the size discrepancy between the various arenas, but it sure seems like there's a lot of extra room around the stage at the Battleground show than there is for Raw or Payback.

The other thing that I notice is the amount of space between the ring and the ring-side seats. For Payback and Raw, the square ring hugs closely to the fans behind the barricade. But look again at the ringside area for the Battleground show:


Again, there's a lot of space there. It's almost as if they were hedging their bets, in case they wanted to, ya know...


Maybe it's nothing. Battleground may be a show main-evented by Daniel Bryan and Cesaro and it may blow the roof off the place. The Shield might be broken up for all we know. Batista might not even be on the show. Anything can happen.

I'm not saying...I'm just saying. They certainly could have something special planned for the show, we'll just have to wait and see.

And if they do go with WarGames, you can hunt down this article two months later and say you heard it here first!

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