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WWE names the 50 best talkers in history

This should be good.

We're marks for countdown style lists here at Cageside Seats and WWE constantly delivers on that front, namely from its website over at The latest offering deals with the "50 greatest talkers in wrestling history". As always, you need to head on over to the article to check out a detailed look with explanation for methodology, and an in depth review of each choice.

Click here to get all that.

Now on to the list:

50. Scott Steiner
49. Joel Gertner
48. Jimmy Valiant
47. Zeb Colter
46. New Jack
45. The Grand Wizard of Wrestling
44. Brian Pillman
43. JBL
42. Thunderbolt Patterson
41. The Miz
40. Kevin Sullivan
39. William Regal
38. Tazz
37. Stephanie McMahon
36. Ernie Ladd
35. Kurt Angle
34. Bray Wyatt
33. Rick Rude
32. Gary Hart
31. Ultimate Warrior
30. Michael P.S. Hayes
29. Nick Bockwinkel
28. Raven
27. Jesse Ventura
26. Jerry Lawler
25. The Million Dollar Man
24. Terry Funk
23. Shawn Michaels
22. Harley Race
21. Edge
20. Captain Lou Albano
19. Triple H
18. Macho Man Randy Savage
17. Jim Cornette
16. CM Punk
15. Arn Anderson
14. Superstar Billy Graham
13. Mr. McMahon
12. John Cena
11. Jake Roberts
10. Chris Jericho
9. Hulk Hogan
8. Bobby The Brain Heenan
7. Mick Foley
6. Paul Heyman
5. Dusty Rhodes
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin
3. Roddy Piper
2. The Rock
1. Ric Flair

There you have it.

Main takeaways: The Million Dollar Man is too low, surprised CM Punk was included (for obvious reasons), really appreciate the love for the constantly underrated Arn Anderson, and Steve Austin and The Rock should be flipped. Actually, I wouldn't mind Rock getting bumped down a few more notches, at least behind Heenan, who should also probably be higher. There are a lot of ties in that top 10.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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