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Batista is upset at fans again

This guy.

Since making his return to WWE in January, Batista hasn't exactly been treated like the conquering hero of yesteryear like so many other stars who came back after extended time away. Actually, crowds across the U.S. have been hostile and uncooperative, booing him so badly the powers that be were left with no choice but to turn him heel.

He seemed to embrace as much, even later claiming he knew he wouldn't be received well upon his return, but he frequently gets upset at fans for various infractions, some silly, some not.

The latest:

Well, WWE is constantly doing its best to blur the line between "show" and "reality", including referring to this particular time as the "reality era". That might have a little something to do with it, though his gripe to that end is somewhat valid. It must be frustrating to live in a world like that, even if you perpetuate it.

Also, maybe don't hold your breath on waiting to use Twitter "without all the negativity". I do not believe such a thing exists.

If we're to believe future advertisements, though, Big Dave will be taking some time off from WWE here soon enough. Then he can go about getting snarky responses from movie fans.

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