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Mick Foley won't renew his WWE Legends contract

Dissatisfied with the compensation he received from the last two video games, Foley announces on Facebook that he's opting out of licensing his likeness to WWE.

via Mick Foley's Facebook page

Mick Foley is using his Facebook as a forum to explain his dealings with the biggest pro wrestling company in the world again.  This time, it's to provide his reasons for not renewing his Legends contract.  Yesterday (April 22, 2014), he posted this:

To deal..or not to deal - that is the question. As some of you may have heard, at this point, I am opting not to sign my Legends Marketing Deal, which gives #WWE the right to market my likeness on video games and action figures. I'll be writing in more detail about this in the next week or so, but it would be fair to say that, despite strong sales, I have found the payoffs for the past two video games to be extremely weak - in the 25% range of what most talent was expecting. Last year, the explanation had something to do with the video game company going bankrupt - a real shame for me, since I was heavily featured as three characters from the "Attitude" era, complete with voice work. I haven't heard this year's explanation yet, but, personally. I think the #WWE just wants to see if the talent will accept a far lower percentage than had previously been given. If so, it would proably be a good business move for #WWE, since very few current wrestlers are going to jeapordize their standing with the company by offering resistance - and most legends will probably come to feel like anything they get from merchandise is better than nothing. As for me: until I hear a valid reason, I'm opting out.

Which he later edited down to this:

As some of you may have heard, at this point, I am opting not to sign my Legends marketing deal, as I have been very dissapointed with the payoffs on the past two videogames. For many years, being included in the #WWE videogame felt like being Charlie finding the golden ticket - but unfortunately, that just is not the case anymore. I have simply grown tired of being continually dissapointed, and in the future, will do my best to avoid situations where further dissapointment is the likely outcome.

The revised version removes any specifics on numbers, details on the company's explanation for payout amounts and comments on both.  Being conscientious about airing those kinds of facts and critiques should be taken as an indication that while Mick is looking to make a statement by not renewing his licensing deal, he's not looking to burn a bridge.

While Foley hasn't been shy about offering his thoughts on the company's product or other hot button issues of the day, he was also a very visible presence in New Orleans for WrestleMania 30.  With a successful internet presence, writing career and one-man stage show, it's also clear that he doesn't rely on the McMahons for his livelihood at this point.  But as he clearly stated when his main WWE contract ran out earlier this year (tragically ending his run as the greatest General Manager Saturday Morning Slam ever had), Mick is interested in continuing to do business with the company where he achieved the most fame and success - just on his terms, not theirs.

This seems like another move out of that playbook.  Sorry, Dixie and Jeff.

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