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CM Punk AJ Lee engagement rumors are apparently true

Love has blossomed in Chicago, everyone.

Because CM Punk is still a big star and fans miss him a great deal, his every move is still being scrutinized. This despite his having been gone from WWE for over two full months now and WrestleMania 30 just a number of days away from taking New Orleans by storm.

The latest rumors, or gossip, to be more accurate, is that Punk is now engaged to current Divas Champion AJ Lee.

Fans were talking about AJ wearing a ring on her finger during Monday Night Raw this week and rumors quickly followed that appearances were not, in fact, deceiving, and it was exactly as it looked. Then, on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed the rumors.

"Yes, AJ and CM Punk really are engaged. For real."

Naturally, this will lead to questions regarding AJ's status with WWE and whether or not she'll face any fallout from Punk's decision to leave and her decision to shack up with him. She hasn't been featured as much as of late, but, really, it's downright ridiculous this is something we even need to consider.

AJ is an outstanding performer and her marital status should have zero effect on her professional standing, even if she is engaged to a now former co-worker.

All we can do is stay tuned. She's got a match at WrestleMania 30 that dictates she can lose her Divas championship title without ever getting pinned by any of the 13 other women who will be in the ring with her at the same time, so we shall see.

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