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Paul Heyman on CM Punk: I don't think he misses the business

CM Punk is doing just fine.

The latest episode of The Steve Austin Show features the man himself interviewing Paul Heyman about a wide variety of topics. Naturally, one of the first they get around to is CM Punk. It should be noted the interview was recorded a couple days before WrestleMania 30 aired on April 6, 2014.

Austin asked about the last time Heyman talked to Punk and got the following response:

"I talk to him all the time. I don't really talk to him about the industry all that much because it's obviously a sore spot with him. When you left the company, I'm sure you had very select friends that you could talk with and who could talk with you and it doesn't have to be 'what was said about me in the locker room' or 'hey, did you hear anything' or they say to you 'hey, you coming back?' I'm sure it could be 'hey, how are your kids? Hey, how you feeling today? Hey, you're okay? Everything cool? Or is everything not okay? You wanna talk about anything?' When I left the company, I stayed very good friends with people who were still in the company. It doesn't mean just because Punk has left the company we can't be friends. Our friendship really had, funny thing to say, but it really had nothing to do with business.

"I think when you talk about CM Punk/Phil Brooks, there were three people in the room the night that he quit: Vince McMahon, Triple H, and CM Punk. I don't know what went on in that room. I know certain perspectives, but none of those three have talked in public about it. If one, two, or three of them decide to go public, then we'll get a perspective on what happened that day. Until one of the three of them speak about it, it's only rumor and speculation and gossip. How's he doing? He's fine. Does he miss the business? I don't think so. I never ask him if he misses the business because he just walked out six to eight weeks ago. I ask him 'how you doing, how you feeling today, how's your diet going, what'd you eat, hey, did you watch the season finale of True Decetive?' We talked about True Decetive for hours but do we talk about WWE? It's very rare."

So there you go. Punk is doing just fine -- of course he is, he recently got engaged to AJ Lee -- and Heyman doesn't think he misses the business. Then again, we could all deduce as much from the fact that, well, Punk hasn't come back to WWE since walking out after the Royal Rumble.

We'll keep talking about him, though, because he keeps us in wonder, even with Heyman's update on his status.

The rest of the interview is amazing, as expected. Check it out.

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